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White Paper | Electrifying Bus Fleets

It’s an exciting time for e-mobility in public transit. As it becomes increasingly common for bus fleets to integrate more electric vehicles, mixed fleets are becoming more prevalent. But not all fleets have the same profile — some operators are just starting with using electric vehicles, while others are more experienced.

Depending on the stage of the transition and the composition of the fleet, operators have different factors to consider in their e-mobility journey.

What does all this mean for you? In this white paper, we delve deeper and unpack electrification challenges based on fleet electrification stage.

We address these challenges by looking at four operational aspects:

  • energy management
  • power management
  • maintenance
  • data management

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In this white paper, you’ll discover:

  • The electrification phases of public transit fleets
  • What main challenges operators encounter in these phases
  • Factors to consider for a successful, scalable electrification process
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