How IKEA Delivers Electric Fleets: Global Trends with BloombergNEF

By 2040, the electric fleet share will reach 47%, according to BloombergNEF. IKEA, an industry leader, is fast electrifying its delivery fleet worldwide. Join our upcoming EV fleet panel featuring fleet experts from BloombergNEF, IKEA, and ChargePoint to discover: 

  • How and why IKEA began electrifying its delivery fleet 
  • Tips for managing a mixed-fueling environment as you transition your fleet to electric 
  • The massive fuel and maintenance savings possible with EVs
  • Unexpected sustainability benefits of going electric
  • Anticipated growth in heavy-duty electric vehicle supply
  • Global trends in electric fleet growth 

The following people will benefit from this webinar:

  • Fleet Operators
  • Retailers
  • Delivery and Logistics
  • CRE

Date: On Demand
Duration: 1 hour