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Charging in cities: Urban opportunities for bus and truck electrification

The world’s largest fleets are driving the electrification of transport, implementing net-zero goals ahead of other industries. Giants like Amazon, Ingka Group (IKEA), PepsiCo and UPS, are going electric. Public transport operators are increasingly implementing zero-emission vehicles in their fleets or are already running fully electric operations in urban areas. With the adoption of zero-emission buses and trucks not expected to slow down any time soon, it’s essential to address charging infrastructure and what it needs for supporting this exciting transition to e-mobility.

Join experts Tanya Sinclair, Senior Director of Policy Europe at ChargePoint, and Fabian Sperka, Vehicles Policy Manager at The European Federation for Transport and Environment, in an insight-packed webinar on urban opportunities for bus and truck electrification.

This webinar is relevant for:

  • Transit agencies directors
  • Sustainability managers
  • Operations managers

Here's what we will cover:

  • The current context of charging infrastructure for MHDV in urban areas, and predictions
  • Regulations and policies for urban charging infrastructure and how they affect operators
  • The roles of municipalities, governments and the EU in supporting electrification
  • Available funding and sustainable business models for supporting fleet electrification in cities
  • And much more.

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Duration: 1 hour

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