Want to ease into EV charging?

Sourcewell cuts through the red tape

Publicly available ChargePoint Level 2 station.

ChargePoint makes it easy to offer EV charging for assigned or shared parking.

For government, education and nonprofit agencies like yours, choosing a high-quality electric vehicle (EV) charging solution is crucial. But before you can move forward, you often have to go through a complex and time-consuming bidding process to select between multiple vendors.

Recognized by Sourcewell as a vendor that meets the highest quality standards, ChargePoint offers a comprehensive EV charging solution to meet your agency's electrification needs from design to deployment.

When using Sourcewell, you'll receive up to 20% off of EV charging infrastructure, including hardware (Level 2, or AC, stations and DC fast stations), network services, maintenance plans and accessories.

About Sourcewell
Sourcewell is a government agency that helps remove the complexity of the vendor bidding process. Through their national solicitation, all the heavvy lifting is done for you, satisfying your bidding requirements and giving you a full catalog contract with the buying power of 50,000 government, education and nonprofit agencies. Membership with Sourcewell is 100% free with no cost, no obligation and no liability.

Are you ready to take the first step toward EV charging installation? We're here to help.

ChargePoint Sourcewell contract information
Number: #042221-CPI
Category: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Maturity date: 7/20/2025 
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