Save on EV Charging with Maryland Incentives

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is within reach for Maryland businesses. In this webinar, experts from Maryland's state agencies and utilities will join with ChargePoint's own Lindsay Herneisen to discuss the various incentives now available in Maryland for Electric Vehicle charging projects. EV incentive programs can help your organization be part of the e-mobility revolution. With more experience in electric fueling than anyone, ChargePoint has the know-how to make sure you receive every dollar you deserve for your EV infrastructure project. 

Register for the webinar to discover:  

  • What grants, rebates and tax credits are available right now 
  • Where to find incentives in your area 
  • Why there’s never been a better time to invest in EV charging

The following people will benefit from this webinar: 

  • Multifamily property owners and managers 
  • Public and private sector organizations and fleets 
  • Retailers and workplaces
  • Parking facility operators
  • Commercial real estate developers

Date: On Demand
Duration: 1 hour