Webinar Replay: How and When to Use DC Fast Charging

Faster is always better, right? Not necessarily. AC charging actually meets most electric vehicle (EV) charging needs, especially at locations where EVs stay parked for longer periods of time. This introductory webinar covers when AC charging makes sense and when DC fast charging should come into the picture. Plus, get an overview of how DC fast charging works, what to expect when fast charging and why to stop fast charging when the battery is 80 percent full.

Watch the webinar to discover:
  • The differences between AC and DC charging
  • When to use each type of charging
  • What affects DC fast charging speeds
  • What to expect from DC fast charging
Who should attend:
  • Facility owners
  • Property developers
  • EV drivers
  • EV curious
Date: On Demand
Duration: 8 minutes


John Andrews

Senior Product Manager

Ted C. Kerns

Company Name