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E-Mobility Guide: How to electrify your transit fleet in 5 simple steps

Fleet electrification is happening – and public transport is a key player for a clean future. Most people think of the vehicles first: Switch diesel for electric busses. But there are more things to consider… And they’re all important: Which routes should be electrified (first)? How to manage charging (vs. classic fuelling) schedules, without interrupting operations? Can existing software be integrated with new tools?

It may seem daunting, but with a trusted and experienced partner by your side, electrifying your transit fleet will be a smooth ride.

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In this how-to-guide, we’ll share:

  • Why vehicle and charging data is key
  • How to integrate existing systems, e.g. telematics
  • How software makes your life easy
  • How to save money with grants and incentives
  • Ways to finance your electrification project
Download now: 5 steps to an electric transit fleet

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