Electricity is well on its way toward becoming the fuel of the future. According to a recent AAA survey 50 million U.S. drivers say they’ll replace their current car with an electric vehicle (EV). That’s 1 in 5. With demand skyrocketing, automakers plan to invest more than $250 billion dollars on EVs within the next 5 years. Thousands of businesses have already found a way to capitalize on the trend—workplace EV charging. In our new eBook, we explain why it pays for companies to provide EV charging for their employees.

Download the eBook to discover:

  • Why EV charging is far more cost-effective than other employee amenities
  • What one major brand is doing to encourage its partners to become more sustainable
  • When networked charging makes sense (hint: always)
  • How workplace charging helps inspire brand loyalty and employee engagement
  • Where to find extra money for your EV charging investment
E-mobility is no longer an “if,” it’s a “when.” Discover how to prepare for the future with an EV charging solution that delivers better ROI for your business. Get the eBook now.

Ted C. Kerns

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