The time has come for electric vehicles (EVs). According to a recent AAA survey, 20% of drivers plan to replace their current car with an EV, which is why EV charging is becoming a must-have amenity for high-density housing properties. In our new eBook, HOA board members and property managers will find out how EV charging can differentiate their condo and townhouse properties from competitors and attract desirable residents, 59% of whom say they’d pay more to live in a “green or sustainable community.”

Download the eBook and find out how to:

  • Attract highly desirable buyers and renters to your community by adding an upgrade to the property
  • Support owner requests for EV charging with a fair and equitable approach that won’t burden other residents
  • Increase property values, meet HOA laws and building standards and improve the green standing of your property
Start your EV charging initiative with a strategy that will grow with your community. Get the eBook now.

Ted C. Kerns

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