Expand service offerings to include EV charging for customers, employees and residents

Global sales of passenger electric vehicles (EVs) are increasing, while internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle sales are declining. Today there are more than 500 models available, and over 10 million EVs now cruise the roads worldwide.

This ebook takes a look at how EV adoption is changing the way people fuel up. Rather than making a special stop, most EV drivers want to charge their vehicles while they are parked at work, or out shopping or enjoying a meal at a restaurant or while sleeping.

This shift offers an opportunity for businesses of all types to provide on-site charging solutions. Employers can attract and retain workers by offering EV charging. Property managers can draw in new residents. Retailers can entice customers to stay longer while their EV gets a charge.

In this ebook you will:

  • Get the truth around common misconceptions about EV charging
  • Understand which type of charger is best for your business
  • Get help with site design, finding financial resources, installation and more
  • Understand how to expand your service offerings to include EV charging.