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Insights into the energy usage distribution of electric buses 

The speed of zero-emission bus adoption can be determined in part by energy predictions. When kicking off the fleet-electrification process, the initial costs may seem high. However, in the long run, an electric fleet is more sustainable and cost-efficient than a traditional one.

For this to happen, understanding the energy distribution of electric buses (eBuses) is key.

Knowing how much energy goes toward moving the bus versus its accessories can help operators to better plan daily operations and future investments.

The data and results in this report are anonymised. ChargePoint is not sharing any in-depth data linked to a specific customer or OEM.

In this report, you’ll discover new eBus insights such as:

  • Energy used in service vs. energy used not in service
  • Energy consumed driving vs. energy regenerated
  • Energy used by accessories vs. energy used by traction motor
  • Overall eBus efficiency

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