Webinar Replay: ChargePoint as a Service

Subscription services are becoming popular in all types of industries. But did you know you can subscribe to electric vehicle (EV) charging as well? ChargePoint as a Service (CPaaS) removes barriers to entry to EV charging, helping you benefit from the shift to electric mobility while lowering your upfront costs and protecting your investment in EV charging. CPaaS includes all of the hardware, software, installation and setup needed to succeed with EV charging. All you have to do is prepare the location, then we’ll take care of bringing charging to your location in a way that works for your employees, customers or residents.

Watch our webinar to find out how CPaaS can:
  • Give you the control you want
  • Lower your upfront costs
  • Deliver the latest technology
  • Protect your investment in charging
  • Create predictable operating expenses
Join the fueling network of the future at a lower entry price, hassle-free, thanks to CPaaS.

Date: On Demand
Duration: 7 minutes


Dave Aasheim

Sales Director

Ted C. Kerns

Company Name