Webinar Replay: Best Practices for EV Charging at Workplace

Today, electric vehicle (EV) sales are growing 50% YoY, yet only 10% of EV drivers have access to charging at work. That means big opportunities for businesses that are seeking to improve engagement and retain top talent.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:
  • Why employees want to work for companies that offer workplace EV charging
  • How workplace charging is more affordable—and valuable—than other employee benefits
  • Why nearly half of Fortune 500 companies already invest in workplace charging
  • How to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of your EV charging infrastructure
  • Much more
With 12 years of experience, nearly 100,000 charging spots and around 60 million charges delivered, ChargePoint can help design a solution that meets the needs of your workplace.

Webinar: Best Practices for EV Charging at Workplace
Date: On Demand
Duration: 28 minutes


Tracy Thomas

Senior Director
Workplace Solutions

Reem Bazzari

Senior Product Marketing Manager