Leading the Charge, Together

ChargePoint is the market leader in EV charging operating the largest and most open network in the world with best-in-class hardware and advanced cloud-based services.

ChargePoint works with a select set of best in class partners to work with ChargePoint to meet the growing demand for high quality EV charging solutions.

ChargePoint adds reseller partners after a careful analysis of market dynamics, market demand and alignment with potential reseller expertise, customer base, sales practices, and reputation. We are looking for partners that have an established commercial customer base, an existing and experienced sales force, sound CRM systems, a demonstrable ability to manage leads, close rate, and customer satisfaction. Partners must have existing and referenceable lines of credit in excess of $50,000.

Your Opportunity as a ChargePoint Partner

We are committed to adding partners only when we believe the market has grown enough to support a profitable business model for an added reseller partner.

We ask you provide detail to your business plan so that we can carefully evaluate the potential of your business and can evaluate your target market alignment with our existing market coverage. We add partners very carefully and after a review of factors that include geographic and vertical market coverage, existing customer base, credit score, years in business, innovation in market approach and the other information.

Please be as complete as possible as you provide the information on your business plan.

Thank you again for your interest in ChargePoint.

Ted C. Kerns

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