Become a ChargePoint Partner

ChargePoint is the market leader in EV charging operating the largest and most open network in the world with best-in-class hardware and advanced cloud-based services.
ChargePoint works with a select set of best in class partners to work with ChargePoint to meet the growing demand for high quality EV charging solutions.
ChargePoint adds reseller partners after a careful analysis of market dynamics, market demand and alignment with potential reseller expertise, customer base, sales practices, and reputation. We are looking for partners that have an established commercial customer base, an existing and experienced sales force, sound CRM systems, a demonstrable ability to manage leads, close rate, and customer satisfaction. Partners must have existing and referenceable lines of credit in excess of $50,000.

Our Partners Make Us Who We Are Today

Successful ChargePoint Partners are financially and technically strong organizations who provide a variety of services to their customers. This may include solution design, distribution, implementation and integration with other solutions like solar and energy management.

Our partners are well known and respected in their market as trusted advisors to their customers; high quality standards, commitment to customer satisfaction, market ingenuity, and operational efficiency separate them from their competitors and are key to their success.

Available Partnership Opportunities


Driven by operational excellence, ChargePoint's Authorized Distribution Partners do not only deliver the right solutions at the right price to our vast ecosystem of Value Added Resellers and Installation Partners , but also be able to offer other critical products and services to address a broad spectrum of EV charging projects.

Value Added Reseller

As key partners to ChargePoint, Value Added Resellers (VARs) focus on providing significant value-added features for our mutual customers, moving away from the purely transactional to the relationship-based type of service.

O&M Service Partner

ChargePoint manufactures and supports intelligent, networked EV charging stations throughout North America and several countries around the world. The quality of our stations, the network they operate within and the ultimate driver experience is our most important attribute of success. Our O&M Partners are well known and respected in their market as service providers; have high quality standards and are committed to customer satisfaction.

Looking for Installation Training?

The ChargePoint Installation Training Program is a series of online courses that takes an installer from site assessment all the way through power-up and pinpointing. Installers who take this training will have all the information needed to efficiently and accurately install ChargePoint charging stations. Upon successful completion of the program, installers will receive a certificate of completion.