Increase Property Value and Meet Demand

Electricity is on track to become the dominant fuel for moving people and goods around the world.

As EV adoption increases, EV drivers  will choose the apartment communities that meet their charging needs and they are willing to pay for it. A recent AMLI survey found that 59% of respondents would pay more to live in a “green or sustainable community.”

EV charging is essential to modern, premium properties as EVs continue to become mainstream. Making your property EV-ready attracts higher paying residents, increasing average rents, occupancy rates and property value.

3 easy steps to get ChargePoint EV charging at your property

  1. Fill out the quick form on this page
  2. A ChargePoint expert will get in touch with you within 24 hours and will provide an overview of available charging options
  3. An on-site consultation will be scheduled at your earliest convenience

Quick reference resources

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"The stations always run efficiently and the ChargePoint network dashboard makes it easy to track utilization."

Amy Strand

Property Manager, Greystar

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