FAQs: Free ChargePoint Card Offer

1)   What’s the offer?

  • ChargePoint is offering one (1) FREE RFID card to all EV drivers in North America (U.S. and Canada)

2)   How long is the offer good for?

  • The offer is available for one week only starting Thursday, April 18th and ending on Thursday, April 25th 

3)   How do I sign up?

4)   How long will it take for me to get my FREE ChargePoint card?

  • Depending on demand, it may take up to six (6) weeks to receive your FREE ChargePoint card.

5)   Why will it take so long to receive my FREE ChargePoint card?

  • The six (6) weeks is an estimate to cover the unpredictable demand. This will also cover the time it will take to route through the U.S. and Canadian Postal Service.

6)   I purchased a card on the ChargePoint website and did not know about this FREE offer, how do I get a refund?

  • We’re sorry you missed the offer but we are unable to provide refunds as the offer is run as a separate promotion.

7)   I’m already a ChargePoint account holder and have my RFID cards; is there anything special about the Earth Day cards?

  • If you received your card(s) as of August 2012 then there is no visible difference between the card you have and the card being offered.

8)   Are there any restrictions or limitations to this offer?

  • Fulfillment of the FREE ChargePoint RFID card is subject to the approval of ChargePoint. Only one (1) FREE card will be provided. Multiple signups will be disqualified from the offer.

9)   Is there a catch? Is there a membership fee?

  • There is no catch and ChargePoint does not charge a membership fee.

10)   Will I receive a tracking number once the card is sent?

  • Our ChargePoint RFID cards are sent through via the U.S. Postal Service and a tracking number is not available.

11)   Why are there so many mandatory fields in the offer form?

  • Your email address is required as a means of communication. Your full address is required in order for us to ship you the FREE ChargePoint RFID card. Your EV model and make are being requested as a ChargePoint RFID card is only useful for people who drive an electric or plug-in electric vehicle. If you do not own an EV then please type "N/A".