Meet changing workplace

needs — with ChargePoint

Thinking about implementing electric vehicle (EV) charging at your workplace or expanding your EV charging footprint? With so many changes in how and where we work, you may have new questions about the impact EV charging can have on your workplace. Join leaders from LinkedIn and ChargePoint for a webinar exploring how on-site EV charging can help attract and retain top talent, improve the employee experience, and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. 

In this webinar, you'll hear about LinkedIn's experience with EV charging and learn how to:

  • Implement best EV charging practices for your in-office, hybrid or fully remote work environment
  • Scale your EV-charging footprint
  • Incentivize return to office and employee retention
  • Use EV charging to achieve sustainability goals

The following people will benefit from this webinar:

  • Sustainability leaders
  • Facility/workplace managers
  • Transportation managers
  • Finance directors
Date: On-demand
Duration: 45 minutes