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Maryland utility rebates available for your organization

Potomac Edison, Delmarva, Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE), and Potomac Electric Power (PEPCO) are offering rebates for Level 2 AC and DC fast electric vehicle (EV) charging projects. Businesses that purchase and install eligible EV charging stations at their qualifying site could receive the following incentives.
+ Up to $5,000 per Level 2 AC charging port
+ Up to $15,000 per DC fast charging station
+ Maximum of $30,000 in rebates available for each property
Up to 50% for the cost of equipment, warranty, and charger installation as well as $5k per Level 2 AC charging station for small businesses and nonprofits
Up to 100% per Level 2 AC or DC fast charging station at public government sites
Potomac Edison
Up to 50% per Level 2 AC and DC fast charging station for multi-unit housing projects
Maxmium of $20,000 in rebates available per project
+ Up to 100% per Level 2 AC or DC fast charging station at public government sites
+ Up to 100% per Level 2 AC charging station equipment and installation costs at multi-unit housing projects, up to $15,000 per station (limit of two charging stations)
Up to 50% or $5,000 per Level 2 AC charging equipment, warranty, and installation costs, with a maximum of $30,000 per property

Your business may also be eligible to receive a 30% tax credit up to $100,000 under the 30C Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit.

Businesses across all industries rely on ChargePoint® solutions to help them achieve sustainability goals, meet regulatory mandates, and expand their offerings to customers, employees and residents. We’ll support your qualifying project each step of the way, including helping you with the incentive program application. 

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