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2022 Charging Forward Report:
EVs are driving change

When we unveiled our first industry-defining Charging Forward Report in 2017, we made five predictions about where we thought electric mobility was headed over the next half-decade. Now, five years later, we’re proud to share our brand-new 2022 Charging Forward Report, in which we revisit those predictions and make some new, bolder ones.

How did we do?

Find out by downloading the report, but let’s just say… we were spot on. Besides looking back and future-casting, we also inspect the current state of the market, take a deep dive into today’s electric fuelling ecosystem, and bust some common EV myths.

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In this report, you’ll discover:

  • Why the tipping point for the mass adoption of EVs is closer than you think
  • What’s driving the e-mobility revolution globally
  • How businesses, fleets and residential property owners can participate in the biggest transformation in transportation since the Model T
  • Where most people charge and why it’s superior to traditional fuelling in every way
  • When it’s best to charge an EV (hint: while you’re doing something else)
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