Act Now

Your property may be eligible for rebates covering up to 100% of the cost of charging stations and 100% of related infrastructure costs. We can work with you to navigate the process and help you apply for the rebates.

These Large Rebates Available for a Limited Time - Claim Yours Now & Get EV-Ready

Utilities in Southern California such as Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric, and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power are offering major rebate programs to encourage properties like yours to install EV charging stations. 

With more than 100,000 electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, Southern California is home to the largest community of EV drivers in the nation today and EV charging is becoming a basic amenity that drivers expect at home, work and around town. 

Providing EV charging at your property can not only be a self-sustaining investment but also be one that adds business value and enhances your brand. Adding EV charging to your property can help you:

  • Attract and retain employees, tenants, and customers 
  • Build loyalty and repeat business
  • Increase property value 
  • Differentiate your property from competitors 
  • Meet emerging state and city regulations  
  • Improve your green image, meet you sustainability goals, and become eligible for green building and other certifications, like LEED

Rebates are limited, so act now before they run out!