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Your property may be eligible for rebates covering up to 100% of the cost of charging stations1 and 100% of related infrastructure costs2. We can work with you to navigate Southern California Edison's rebate program and help you apply for the rebates. 

Get Charge Ready

Southern California Edison through its Charge Ready program is supporting the installation of up to 1,500 electric vehicle charging stations. This $22-million-dollar program aims to help move California closer to its objective of putting 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025, and support the state’s goal to reduce greenhouse gases and meet clean air standards. Under this program, Southern California Edison is offering a rebate for between 25% and 100% of the cost of the charging station1 and will cover 100% of the costs for necessary infrastructure improvements.2 

Type of Property
Station Rebate Amount

Disadvantaged Community
100% of Base Cost1
Multi-Family Residential
50% of Base Cost1
Fleet Depot
25% of Base Cost1
25% of Base Cost1
Other Commercial
25% of Base Cost1

EV's Have Arrived

Electric vehicles (EV) numbers have increased 10X in the last 4 years. Southern California is home to the largest community of EV's with more than 100,000 EV's on the road today. Our customer research has shown that these EV drivers are choosing where to shop, dine, work and even live based on the availability of EV charging. Is your business losing out by not attracting this booming community of drivers?

EV's are Good for Business and Drivers

The EV driving model, which relies on a network of charging stations enabling EV drivers to charge wherever they go is good for everybody. For EV drivers, it offers a better driving experience that is more affordable and easier on the planet than traditional driving. For properties like yours, it can not only be a self-sustaining investment, but also one that adds business value and enhances your brand. Adding EV charging to your property can help you:
  • Attract and retain employees, tenants, and customers
  • Boost your green image
  • Comply with emerging regulations
  • Meet your sustainability goals
  • Become eligible for green building and other certifications

All while fostering EV adoption and accelerating the positive environmental impact of driving electric. 

1 Rebate amount is based on SCE’s cost estimate for a charging station and its installation, which is referred to as Base Cost.
2 Installation includes all utility and most customer site infrastructure costs, excluding the final installation of the charging station.